6 Best Lil Peep Merch Items To Buy [June 2020]

Best Lil Peep Merch Items

Lil Peep Merch – iconic, symbolic, aesthetic – It can be called a lot of things. The Lil Peep collection is such a huge hit with the fans even after the death of the legend. The idea of his merchandise was to represent a clothing style that people can relate to with their emotions. It was a unique idea which is why his fashion is still sold worldwide. From his Crybaby to Come Over When You’re Sober, his collection stole the hearts of many sad boys and girls around the globe.  Each item of his outfits is unique with a symbolic print and is great for streetwear. Selecting 5 products from a collection of almost a hundred items is extremely hard. All the items are designed so well and complete each other in such a mannered way, it’s almost unbelievable. Although all the items hold a special place in the merchandise, here we are listing the 6 most loved items from Lil Peep Merch.

6 – Lil Peep Sad Face Embroidered Beanie

Sad Face Beanie with its embroidered logo in front is one of the most stunning and hip item of Lil Peep Merch Collection. Keep yourself warm and cozy with the Sad Face Beanie. Providing style and comfort in a small package, this beanie offers only the best to the customers. Knitted from high quality cotton for longevity to keep your style fresh. Recently, a similar beanie was also released with his name on Lil Peep’s official website.

5 – Lil Peep Angry Girl Hoodie

Angry Girl Hoodie is one of the most loved item of the Lil Peep Merchandise. This is very famous among the youngsters who love & stan Lil Peep and his music. If it wasn’t enough reasons for fans to buy this, it also has the sad vibe to it and looks quite stylish. Lil Peep himself was seen wearing this hoodie many times and hence has become a legendary item in our collection. Also available in white, pink and grey.

4 – Hellboy COWYS T-Shirt

The Hellboy COWYS Pt-2 T-shirt is a must have item for any true Lil Peep fan out there. On the back side of the shirt, the songs from Come Over When You’re Sober Album are printed. Featuring construction from 100% cotton and chest screen print hell-boy logo, this shirt has all the good and so much more. Secure yours today and thank us later.

3 – Lil Peep Sad Face Sweatpants

The Sad Face Sweatpants are Comfy and hip. It completes the iconic Sad Face Collectors Merchandise. It depicts the sad and desolated vibe that Lil Peep’s music threw us into. Whether you’re going to the mall or going out to a chill hangout, there is no way people would not recognize this & go crazy over it.

2 – Sad Face Canvas Shoes

These Sad Face Canvas Shoes will channel your inner e-boy aesthetic and bring it to life! Sad-Face sneakers are considered a fan-favorite recognized for its unmistakable silhouette and cultural authenticity. The classic colors, breathable canvas and quality, vulcanized rubber sole defines an icon. Created for the court but adopted by originals, thinkers and dreamers. The Sad Face Canvas Shoes continues to celebrate personal style and individual self expression.

1 – Crybaby Jean Jacket

The Crybaby Jean Jacket is the epitome of style and comfort, also based on one of the most iconic albums, . The Jacket features the famous Lil Peep’s crybaby bird tattoo embroidered on the backside. Moreover, the sleek contrast between two rich shades give it an edgy look which suits you the best. In addition, the denim texture just compliments the deep color and gives an overall aesthetic look.

Lil Peep Merch offers all the above mentioned products in high quality and affordable price. Our store is centered around the belief that customer support will always be our first priority. So what are you waiting for? Place your order now!

6 Best Lil Peep Merch Items To Buy [June 2020]

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