Everything You Need To Know About Crybaby Album [June 2020]

Lil Peep Crybaby Album

Renowned and late, singer, songwriter,rapper and model is Gustav Elijah. Or famously known as Lil Peep. This emo revived musical artist has won and taken over the hearts of several people with his work. But an album that has brought him into the spotlight is, Crybaby.

Out of all of Lil Peeps albums, Crybaby hold a rather special place in his discography. With over millions of listeners and fans, this mixtape in specific has something unlike his other work.

It is single handedly Lil Peeps album with the most streams to date. With upto 29,000,000 listeners, JUST on soundcloud. That, for an independent music producer and release is a major win!

Crybaby Tattoo

The album Crybaby is Lil Peeps third mixtape. Released on June 10th, 2016, it included only one single. Just like his other album, Hellboy. This self released album has Lil Peeps classic hip hop, emo, rock and punk style to it. Featuring eleven songs, all written by Peep himself. 

The inspiration behind the album name Crybaby was the tattoo Lil Peep had on his forehead. The tattoo had immense significance to him, related to his childhood, past, his mother and simply being grateful. You can learn more about Gustav’s tattoos here.

The tattoo Crybaby, for Lil Peep, meant that he would cry a lot in his childhood and was rather a cranky kid. Which is why he got the tattoo and hence named his album the same. 

Crybaby Merch

The albums cover and artwork is an animation of a bird with the banner Crybaby. This logo has proven itself to hold a special place in the heart of Peeps fans. After the release of the album, its cover art inspired merch was also a huge hit within itself. Lil Peep merch features exactly that as well, so you can match with your favorite rapper!

Songs- The Tracklist

The track list, as mentioned, consists of 11 songs. With the opening title Crybaby and featured artists also adding their own twists to the songs like, Lil Tracy, Cold heart and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal.

Lil Peeps music has always tend to shown a certain harshness on being alive. Theres music like ‘White tee’. Which although isnt his best song from the album, it has a rather striking feel to itself. 

Lil Peep life is beautiful

As from the music video when he pulls himself out of an orange SUV, spits, tugs onto his pants and looks straight into the camera speaking the lyrics, “I’ll make it look easy, believe me”. Sending chills down your spine.

Music Videos

One of the most hit songs on the album has got to be album opener,Crybaby. The song starts with ‘Oskana’ which translates to ‘praise to be God’. The song talks about Lil Peep being high. And how staying high is affecting his relationships.

That his sleeping patterns are affected negatively due to this act, and he ends up not only causing hurt to himself but the people around him as well. 

The song uncovers how Gus himself is an emotional and sensitive person, and that when he hurt the people that he did, he felt the pain as well because he doesnt mean to. Which is why he ends up staying up at night reminiscing about the pain hes causing and is under himself too.

Lil Peeps Expression

Its music that Lil Peep says, is a way for him to express his emotions. Gus has always been a very open and blunt song writer. Being straight forward about his use of drugs, the women in his life, about his childhood, and especially about death or suicide. He said:

“Some days I’ll be very down and out, but you won’t be able to tell, really, because I don’t express that side of myself on social media. That’s the side of myself that I express through music. That’s my channel for letting all that shit out.”

Hes conveyed the message that he prefers staying at home and making music, rather than going out to party and attending social events to let loose. 

Behind the lyrics

Then there are other songs on the track list like, Lil Jeep. Whereby he discusses how he think about this girl when hes high. Saying how he believes he knows this girl more than every other guy, and is surely ‘the one’ for her.

Going back a little to his past is the song, Yesterday. The lyrics talk about how Lil Peep left his hometown without taking majority of the people he knew, into the loop. That how he hates his old friends but does regret letting his then girlfriend down. Trying to reconnect with her through the songs verses.

And so in correlation to the previous song is, Absolute in Doubt. Where Lil Peep and the featured artist Wicca Phase Springs Eternal perform about relationship and how they fall apart. The title indeed speaks of the song itself, feeling in doubt.

Then there are other iconic songs on the crybaby album as well like, ghost girl. Talking about not having found the love of his life yet. 

Big city blues, whereby he wants his lover to be happy although he isn’t. Talking about his ongoing depression.

Skyscrapers, enjoying the current moments in his life and wanting to impress the girl he likes.

Falling 4 me, taking a rather darker turn into the album. Talking about how he fights his inner demons. Lil Peep wanting to quit drugs but not wanting to live a fully sober life either.

And bringing the mood right back up is, nineteen. Where Peep talks about him as a young teen.

Lastly, ending it with the song Driveway. Talking about how he vows to never change from money and wanting to quit being in a relationship.


All of these songs are what made Crybaby the hit album that it is today. With over millions of fans and avid listeners rooting for the album artwork, songs, resonating to its lyrics and wearing Lil Peeps merch to express their love for the artist.

So if you wanna be one of those fans too, you’ve come to the right place to get yourself Lil Peep merch. Match with the rapper clothes and get his exclusive Crybaby inspired album hats, shirts and so much more!

Everything You Need To Know About Crybaby Album [June 2020]

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