Lil Peep Crybaby Music Video 2020 【Everything You Need To Know】

Lil peeps album and the most skyrocketing one from his career is, Cry Baby. With over billions of streams online and millions of fans across the globe, the singer songwriter and rapper has been in the spotlight for years for it. Especially after Gustav’s unfortunate death. (RIP Lil peep).

After two years of him tragically passing away, his managers and his music have been released that were all carefully curated and his posthumous content. Like the infamous Netflix Documentary, and more. 

This time around for the 4 year anniversary of his all-rounder album, on 9th June 2020, they took the decision to post a music video to pay homage to his album. Not only this, but the album Cry Baby is now also available on all music streaming platforms!

Music Video Meaning

The music video being, of Peeps single Cry Baby. The track record from his 2016 album consists of his live performances and concerts with his fans. The video starts with him being introduced and then Gus going onto saying:

“The Crybaby (tattoo) on my forehead – it was kind of a push to almost force myself to be successful with the music that I was doing. It just keeps me really grateful, for everything”.

The visuals go on to showing his concert footage from London on April 7th 2017, to Chicago April 9th 2017 and his final performance that took place a few days before his accidental overdose. Taken place in El Paso, Texas on November 14th 2017.

It also featured his candid videos from Vertigo EP reissue along with three new music videos from back in March. Moreover, it also includes art cover as well. Which drops in from time to time, the bird flying away behind a blue background. 

Some fans conspire that this cry baby music video and the bird flying refers to as him now being in a better place. A YouTube comment saying:

“Our hell boy is now in heaven.”

The bird means to as his soul and him himself, now flying away and soaring high in the sky. As he is now no longer with us. The video, according to fans really did trigger their sadness for his passing again. The compilation of his last moments, being the happiest while performing and being around the people that loved him the most and he loved back; the fans. 

Official Statement

Before the Crybaby music video was released, Liza ( Gustav’s mother) and Oskar ( Gustav’s brother) posted a picture of the album art on the official Lil Peep Instagram with an emotional caption.

In short, it spoke about how now the entire album is available on all streaming platforms. And all audio has been extracted from Lil peeps Garageband recording sessions on his Macbook. This was to ensure that his fans were able to listen to the music in the highest quality of audio, possible. 

It talked about how this album in specific was a turning point for Lil peep. And a lot of love, hardworking and effort was put into it by himself and his fellow producers. That the album was made quickly and confidently and so became his most renowned work of art. 

With 10 hit tracks on the album, it proves itself to be a win for Lil peep and everyone working behind him as his team and crew. Lastly, Liza and Oskar thank the Peep fans and hope that his music can, as always, touch peoples hearts but now on an even larger platform. And help them get through difficult times in their life, with the ongoing pandemic and uprisings.

As his music and lyrics do have the deeper element to them that everyone is able to resonate to. You can click here to learn more about his album Crybaby and the deeper meaning behind his lyrics and songs.

Peeps Fan Base Response

The fans and Lil Peep lovers were all over the moon upon hearing this news, the release of the album as well as a music video to add to it. 

The music videos description includes Lil Peep’s socials and now every streaming service link that he is available on. Along with lyrics to his song Cry Baby, credits to his team and finishing it off with a quote by Lederrick saying,

“Be strong in the face of adversity and don’t be a Crybaby, think of what you do have instead of what you don’t have, and use what you do have to help others, that’s what Gus would want”.

Which only caused fans to get more emotional than ever. The youtube comments read as:

  • “A lot of us struggle with addiction. The thing about it is often you’re trying to kill a part of you with poison you use. RIP Gus you got me and ALOT of people through hard times”
  • “Am I the only one who still cant believe hes gone I feel like hes still here today”
  • “We’re growing older but Peep still young”
  • “RIP legend”

And so many more. Commenting about how Lil Peeps music has changed their lives, how they wish they had found out about him earlier and even commenting about their own and close relatives’ experiences with drugs and/or diseases that lead to their unfortunate death. 


Everyone consoling each other in the comments, truly bringing everyone together and uniting as a whole. Those are Lil peeps dedicated fans. Who still to this day, even after him passing, choose to stay as his loyal and loving fans. Constantly supporting him and using his music like the Cry baby album, to get through the rather rougher times. 

So if you too are a fan, and want to express your love for the talented rapper, singer, and songwriter, head onto our website. Where you can find all of Lil Peep’s Merch. Now you and communicate your dedication for the artist too and with style.

Lil Peep Crybaby Music Video 2020 【Everything You Need To Know】

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