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The future of air quality as a whole, and globally don’t look so good. As humanity continues to make little to no progress fighting climate change, fires and more, they are surely to be expected to get more frequent. And it’s because of this that our current generation and population is trying to erase decades of worsened air quality and improve it for the future generation.

So as pollution gets worse, air filtering masks get more fashionable and become a hot commodity. Enter the world of an accessory this ripe in the fashion industry. That isn’t only a statement street style piece of garment, but is also highly funcationable. To combat this pollution and bring you a sense of fashion and style upon wearing, we have provided for you Lil Peep Masks and Ski Masks Merch.

Ski And Air-Filtering Masks

These face masks are made from highly efficient N95 particle filters to protect you from potentially inhaling airborne microscopics particles like dust, germs and pollen. The Lil Peep periphery masks have a trim and ear loops made with a latex free spandex, making it adjustable and secure on your face.

Not only do we have for you these air filtering masks, but also ski masks and Lycra masks in our fashion collection. As we aim to provide you a range of masks to choose from, be it a black and white mask, or an embroidered one, you have an accessory to match with every Lil Peep clothing article!

Fashionable And Functional

These masks are available in an array of colours, sizes, and functions. So if you’re looking for a windproof fleece thermal ski mask to keep you from the cold on your ski trip, our Lil Peep sad face ski masks would be the right one for you. Or if you’re looking for a mask that helps you with your allergies, filtering out polluted air, then the Lil Peep angry girl dusk mask would prove to be perfect for you! Now you can use these masks functionally, as well as to style fashionably with your Lil Peep outfits.

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